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Graphic Design



Brochures, invitations, rollups, banners and advertising pages is the graphic material created to promote different Rai productions and co-productions. Raicom is in charge of distribute these italian productions, culture, talent and history around the world. 


Mannucci Lucilla Honey

The request was to design the logo with just the word "Miele" (Miele means honey in Italian). A stylized bee is integrated into the word, a simple idea for a great honey produced in the province of Cuneo, in northen Italy.


Hotel Mioni Pezzato

When a place is as beautiful as the Hotel Mioni Pezzato in Abano Terme, the graphics must give way to the photos that speak for themselves, an elegant and simple brochure that transmits tranquility and relaxation.


Wedding invitations and paper goods


Handmade paper envelopes

Beautiful handmade envelopes are available in 14 different colours! The craft paper will give a very elegant and refined look to your invitations.

buste a mano

Handwritten envelopes

You decide to buy beautiful invitations but overlook the first thing the guests see? Receiving an envelope with a beautiful calligraphy is a detail that will immediately surprise your guests. 

segnaposti a mano

Handwritten placeholder

Choosing handwritten placeholders is a demonstration that you have cured everything in detail. Check out the calligraphy service for your wedding day paper goods. 


Wedding Website

This service offers you the opportunity to have a 100% professional website with the graphics that you have chosen for your wedding! I'ill take care of it.

timbroa secco

Wax seal

Sealing wax will give a very refined and elegant look to your invitations, sealing seals can be used to close the envelope or to decorate the invitations. 


Guest Book ​

The most beautiful way to remember your special day is by reading the beautiful and sincere greetings that your friends and relatives write to you. For this plumacreativa has designed beautiful guest books!


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