Terms and conditions



Art.1 Object

The object of the contract is the graphic design of wedding invitations, wedding invitations, baptisms, communions and ceremonies in general that Macarena Gonzalez (hereinafter Plumacreativa) realizes according to the Customer's requests. By purchasing the services offered on the website www.plumacreativa.it. the Customer declares to have known and accepted the following general conditions of sale.

The data provided to Plumacreativa will be processed in accordance with D. LGS. 196/2003 “CODICE IN MATERIA DI INFORMAZIONE DEI DATI PERSONALI", as described in the section Privacy.

Art.2 Samples

The Customer can decide whether to order a paper sample of the chosen model. This sample can't be personalized and will have a cost indicated on the site at the time of the request.
Sending the chosen sample will allow the customer to evaluate the design and will not constitute a purchase obligation in any way, the colors of the samples are indicative, the final print may have a slightly brighter or darker tone, this due to the processes of production and printing in two different moments. The customer can buy one or more samples, the cost of a single sample will be subtracted from a final order. verrà sottratto da un eventuale ordine finale.

Art.3 Acceptance of general sales conditions

If the Customer intends to proceed with the purchase, he must send an electronic confirmation of his purchase order, unconditionally accepting the general and payment terms described below, declaring to have read and accepted all the instructions provided to him.

The payment confirmation will start the actual processing of the order, according to the procedures described below.

Art.4 Confirmation of the draft of the press and processing of the order

Confirmation of the print draft and processing of the order

  1. The customer must confirm the order and specify the chosen service: semi-custom design or bespoke design,the costumer must send the texts to be inserted on each item in digital format (Word or Excel) following the instructions that can be downloaded at the time of order confirmation.
  2. Once the payment is made and you send this information, Plumacreativa will provide the Customer with a digital preview of the print, which constitutes FAC-SIMILE of the finished product.
  3. The Customer can report any errors present in the digital preview until the final confirmation of the texts. The approval of the contents constitutes the consent to the execution of the print, therefore with such "final approval of the preview" the selection process is considered finished.
  4. Any changes and / or requests subsequent to the approval itself will not be possible. The errors present in the preview approved by the customer, be they spelling or typing, can not be attributed to Plumacreativa, remaining at the exclusive charge of the customer / buyer.

Art.5 Terms and methods of payment

At the time of order confirmation, the Customer is required to pay, as a deposit, the amount equal to the customization as specified on the website www.plumacreativa.it. The confirmation of the payment will start the next processing phase under the conditions mentioned above.

In case of subsequent renunciation by the Customer, this sum will be retained by Plumacreativa.

The Customer must make the payment by bank transfer of the remaining sums before shipment of the products.

Art.6 Shipping and delivery times

Plumacreativa undertakes to execute the order as quickly as possible with the utmost speed, usually not before 15 working days from receipt of payment related to printing costs.

Shipping costs are charged to the customer, they will be charged in the final payment. The shipment will take place by national standard courier or express courier at a fixed cost reported on the site www.plumacreativa.it, shipments are made at national level. The Customer may also decide to insure the shipment, the cost of which will vary according to the value of the goods shipped. It is necessary to send a request to info@plumacreativa.it to add this option.

The terms of delivery may be subject to postponement, without the Customer being able to justify any compensation.

Art.7 Prices 

The prices of products from time to time published in the catalog cancel and replace the previous ones (stop the prices of orders previously confirmed by the customer) and are subject to the actual availability of the materials offered by the suppliers.

Plumacreativa does not guarantee the availability of all the products present in the advertising material, as the supplier companies can interrupt the supply without any prior notice. Plumacreativa reserves the right, therefore, to confirm or change the prices and availability of products at the time of confirmation of the order of the Customer.

The estimate is sent via e-mail at the request of the customer and is valid for 20 working days. After this period without the Customer having confirmed the order, the Customer assumes in full the risk of any price update meanwhile intervened. In any case, before the 20 days have elapsed from the transmission of the estimate by e-mail, Plumacreativa reserves the right to cancel the estimate, except in the case in which it has already been confirmed by the Customer.

Art. 8 Exercise of the right of withdrawal and complaints

Each order is to be considered irrevocable after the Customer has approved the digital draft. Orders are demanding. All products made to measure or customized are in fact excluded from the right of withdrawal according to D.L. 22 May 1999 - n.185, art. 5. Pursuant to paragraph 3 of the aforementioned article 5, the right of withdrawal is not applicable for the distribution of clearly personalized products, which are the products made by Plumacreativa.

In case of complaints promptly reported, the customer is obliged to return at his own expense, all the intact material, object of the complaint.

In any case, the responsibility of Plumacreativa is limited to reprinting or re-painting of those items in which there are errors or defects that make the finished product completely different from the preview of the model sent to the customer and approved by the press. Small irregularities due to craftsmanship and variations in the tonality of papers and printing colors are excluded from the models presented, due to the different calibrations of the monitors and to the production and digital printing processes.

Art.9 Conclusion of the contract

The signing of the contract is to be considered concluded upon receipt by the Customer of the order acceptance e-mail. The e-mail will summarize the contractual conditions, the characteristics of the product, the price, the shipping price and the method of payment.